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Healthy Connections for Students

Every school wants to foster a healthy sense of community with positive relationships within the school.

With a focus on developing lifelong learning skills, students in our rapidly changing society now need to learn so much more than academic excellence.

Our young people need to learn vital life skills to cope in the complex world they live in and to adapt to what the future holds for them.

The Healthy connections program provides students with tools they need to not only survive, but thrive.

With a strong focus on the use of resourceful language, recognizing unique and positive qualities and a healthy mindset plus so much more, the “Healthy Connections Program for Students” will equip students with skills they have likely never had the opportunity to learn before.

The Healthy Connections Program aims to upskill students with tools that will immediately empower them be the best person they can be now and in the future.

Healthy Connections for Students

Option 1 : 90min workshop – “Healthy Mindset”

Within this workshop students will participate in activities where they will learn:

  • resourceful v unresourceful language, thinking and behaviours.
  • how to embrace your mistakes
  • setting high standards
  • living your values
  • pushing yourself outside your comfort zone

Option 2 : 90min workshop – “Healthy Relationships” 


Within this workshop students will participate in activities where they will learn:

  • resourceful language in relationships
  • qualities of a healthy friendship / relationship
  • who to hang out with and why
  • meeting our core needs
  • roles in relationships
  • head v heart

To enquire about a student workshop contact Sue Stevenson on 0410532509 or em: suestevenson@keytobetterme.com.au

B.Ed, Post Grad Dip (Student Welfare), Professional Coach (ICG)

Certified Meta Dynamics Practitioner

Transformational Life Coach

Behavioural / Mindset Strategist, Consultant, Mentor

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