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Breaking the Anxiety Cycle by Calming and Empowering Parents and Kids


Building Connections and Reducing Anxiety in Students

A huge part of a teacher’s job is to positively connect with students by building trust in their classroom so students are relaxed and eager to learn.  Any teacher who creates a learning environment where their students feel comfortable enough to fully participate and perform at their best is a great teacher.

When asked what makes a great teacher, an overwhelming number of students say that the teacher is positive, friendly, caring, approachable and creative so learning in their classroom is interesting and fun.

Building Connections is about creating trust so that students want to learn from and with their teacher!

How do teachers at your school learn how to authentically connect with their students?

Do you know teachers who, apart from knowing their students’ names and academic abilities, struggle to get to know much else about the students present in their classroom?

Imagine if all teachers could really connect with their students so all their students felt comfortable enough to approach them for help?

The Key to Better Me “Building Connections Program for Teachers” provides teachers with a range of simple but highly effective strategies that make a massive difference to the quality of student / teacher relationships which in turn reduces student anxiety in the classroom.

With a strong focus on the use of constructive language, recognizing unique and positive qualities and effective validation plus much more, the “Building Connections Program for Teachers” equips teachers with skills they have possibly never had the opportunity to learn before.

The focus of this program is on upskilling teachers rather than teaching more content about how kids learn. Reducing anxiety by Empowering Teachers and Students is the Key!


Professional Development Options

                                                            Building Connections and Reducing Anxiety in Students

Option 1 : 1 ½ hr group workshop.

Option 2 : Half day / 3hr group workshop.

Option 3 : 1hr presentation to all staff.


Sue Stevenson : 0410532509.  Em: suestevenson@keytobetterme.com.au


Reducing Student Anxiety by Empowering Teachers to build even better connections with their students!

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