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Breaking the Anxiety Cycle by Calming and Empowering Parents and Kids


Good to Great Parenting

Are you stressed because you don’t know how to manage your child?

Is your child on a mood swinging pendulum?

Has your angelic child turned into a creature from out of space?

Are you perplexed about why your child did or didn’t do something on any given day?

Is your child only capable of responding in single syllables?

Is your child anxious or lacking motivation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone and thankfully, there is hope. In fact, hope is just the beginning. Your relationship with your child should be so much more than one you are simply hoping will improve. Let us show you how.

With a toolkit of effective strategies, you can become equipped to handle whatever comes your way. When you do handle it, watch your child gain confidence in you. This then leads to increased certainty and stability in your child’s world.

Your child can sense fear and insecurity in a heartbeat. Equally, they can sense calmness and self- confidence. When your household is filled with confidence, love and calmness, the security that your child desperately seeks will be present which means you’ll all be able to handle whatever comes your way.

Imagine you are the parent who is not worrying about what might go wrong, or over thinking how to deal with the next curveball your child is going to throw your way. Instead, you’re the parent who now has the confidence to tap into your newfound resources so you can raise a confident, happy child. You can now handle whatever comes your way and so can they.

You’ve got this! 😊

Good to Great Parenting offers programs including workshops and presentations with the aim of upskilling you with a range of strategies in a fun, non judgemental way.

You’ll be amongst like-minded people who are going through similar challenges with their own children which will lead to further opportunities for you to connect with and share experiences with other parents.

Parenting can be a tough gig and as we have this role, lets learn together and become the best possible parent we can be for our children because we deserve it and they are worth it. I recently heard a parent say that “there is nothing more rewarding than having a loving, trusting and meaningful relationship with your own child knowing he or she is equipped with their own set of tools to be the best person they can be”.

Now, doesn’t every parent want that?

If you want to learn how to be an awesome role model to your kids and be the best parent you can be so your kids can be confident, happy and resilient, come along to a parent workshop or presentation in your local community.

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