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Breaking the Anxiety Cycle by Calming and Empowering Parents and Kids

About Sue Stevenson: Transformational Life Coach

Being 5th in the pecking order with 6 brothers and sisters led me to stand up for myself from a very early age. I realise now though, that I did not always do this in resourceful ways. And consequently, from being disciplined for being too outspoken, my reaction was to either suppress my thoughts and feelings by becoming shy and afraid to speak up, or alternatively, to a lesser degree, I rebelled.

I appeared happy on the outside but during my teenage years I knew I was in turmoil on the inside. I had no real sense of who I was, yet I had an internal burning desire to be noticed and to prove to myself and others that I was worthy and could succeed.

Despite my lack of confidence and a fear of speaking in front of groups, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Secondary Teaching Degree. This is because I decided I would do the course for the health and nutrition content which matched my values of health and wellbeing but deep down I was convinced I could not be a teacher.
After realising that I had to do practical teaching blocks in schools, it quickly came to my attention that I would have to face my greatest fear and stand in front of a class. Part of me wanted the world to swallow me up so I wouldn’t have to deal with it, yet the other part of me was determined not to fail.

So, with great trepidation, I stepped right out of my comfort zone and faced my fear.

Was I perfect? No way. I remember the first time I stood in front of the class; I was as red as a tomato, I felt clammy, anxious and was absolutely terrified of the whole experience.
I did it though, and I didn’t explode.
This was a turning point for me because each day after that, I became a little better until I began to really enjoy the experience. I realised what I would have missed out on if I hadn’t faced my fear.
But it was even more than that; what I learnt from this experience was that I loved connecting with others and helping them to learn.

A new spark had ignited in me.

Not only was I experiencing greater self -belief, but I now realised just how much I love teaching. Why? Because I value lifelong learning and compassion for others.

31 years later, after enjoying an extremely rewarding career in classroom teaching, educational leadership and counselling, while facing other significant personal challenges, I am now continuing my learning journey by pursuing a new passion.

What I love about life coaching is seeing the transformation my clients get to experience when they have the tools to know how. Every day I am inspired by individuals who take the courageous step to improve their life.

As a classroom teacher I witnessed so many beautiful young people experiencing an array of life challenges which led to them coping in a range of ways. Some came from a place of extreme anxiety that prevented them from attending school, others who were rebellious and resistant and others fell anywhere in between. In my role as teacher, though, I was limited in how much I could support students to learn and apply effective strategies that would empower them to follow their dreams and be successful in all aspects of their lives.

I wanted to do more to help these kids.

I then asked myself “What about their parents?” In my career I came across so many parents who were at their wits end trying to figure out how to manage their children.

Who’s supporting them?

This is what has led me to where I am today.

As a life coach I am privileged to be able to support both adults and young people to overcome what is holding them back, to progress forward and be able to live a rewarding life full of possibilities and ultimate success

Contact me today if you would love to find the key to less stress and more success.

0410 532 509

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