Breaking the Anxiety Cycle by Calming and Empowering Parents and Kids

5 Steps to Combatting Anxiety

Feel the weight lifted when anxiety no longer controls your day. If you’re a parent and you or your child suffer from stress or anxiety, in these 5 steps you will discover how to overcome your fears and worries.

Learn how to build the confidence to handle just about any situation with anxiety holding you back no more!

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Break the Anxiety Cycle


Discover the 5 Steps to Combatting Anxiety

Because I’ve experienced anxiety myself, I know how it feels as a child and a parent. I also felt stuck many times when I didn’t know how to help myself or my child so I’m now on a mission to break the cycle for you and other families who have suffered long enough.

I’m a parent and a grandparent and after working with young people and families for 32 years, I’ve discovered what really works. I’m now extremely passionate about breaking the concerning anxiety cycle impacting too many families so our children can thrive now and in the future.

Airlie Warren

"Thank you so much for yesterday Sue.

The strategy you taught Ruby has been put to use already and is wonderful.

Before yesterday Ruby had a fear of dogs.

When our friend’s gentle giant of a dog came into the house at first, she was frightened.

Once we put your strategy into action to my amazement she was patting and hugging the dog.

Again, today we used it when I dropped ruby off to the school holiday program. No separation anxiety today.

Amazing! 😊"


"My son was so anxious when it was time to go to sleep. No matter how hard I tried or what I said to reassure him, nothing worked to allay his fears. I suffered along with him every night because I couldn’t stand to see the anguish on his little face. Sue Stevenson was recommended by a work colleague so I took my son to meet with Sue. After just one session, I couldn’t believe the difference in my son. Instead of at least an hour every night before going to bed, worrying about absolutely everything, he put strategies in place suggested by Sue and he actually now goes to sleep peacefully. I am so grateful and I highly recommend Sue."

Melissa Tully

"I just wanted to let you know that Lucas has been doing great after your advice. In fact, from the following morning after we spoke it has been a 100% improvement. I put in place all that you suggested and he responded positively right away. I was a bit nervous going back for Term 3 after the break, but he has picked up where he left off and is doing so well. No more separation anxiety.

Thank you so much Sue for your great advice!"

Monique Krongold

"My 10 year old daughter Hailey has experienced anxiety for a couple of years now. She has had periods where she has gone off to school happily, but then the anxious feelings have come again and each day has been a struggle.

I initially met Sue at a parenting workshop at the local community centre. I did this at a time when I was also struggling too. I was wondering what I could do to help Hailey work through her self- doubt and anxious feelings. I decided to invest in one on one sessions with Sue for Hailey and myself.

At the workshops and subsequent one on one sessions Sue always opens by saying that there is no judgement and asked that Hailey and myself were open and honest in our responses to get the most out of the sessions.

I have seen Hailey blossom in many ways. She now has strategies to deal with her anxious moments. One of the messages that Hailey and I have taken is that you have to feel to heal. So rather than avoiding the anxious feeling Sue taught us both to breathe in the anxious feeling and breathe it out. Another light bulb moment was recognising that connecting and bonding with Hailey as her own unique person but not solving problems for her is so important as we move into the tween years.

I have also experienced positive change in myself following my sessions with Sue. I don't sweat the small stuff ( as much ! ) and I am able to communicate in a more calm positive way with both Hailey and Ebony and my husband Dean which means we’re enjoying family life more.

I encourage anyone whatever their age who feels like they are in a rut or is held back by anxiety and would like strategies to learn and grow, to contact Sue."


"We started seeing Sue for my 9yr old son who was having trouble falling asleep every night for over a year, feeling scared and needing someone with him. After one session, he has gone straight to sleep on his own every night since the appointment!


We are so very grateful to Sue for everything she has helped us with!

Highly recommend Sue"


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