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Hello and welcome. 

My name is Sue Stevenson and I am the Founder of
“Key To Better Me”.

Would you love to stop feeling guilty and worried about your child and instead; start feeling empowered with new tools that will help your child thrive now and in the future?

Do you want to know how to transform your life from feeling held back and stuck on a round about to achieving the goals and dreams you desire?

Have you tried a stack of strategies to manage your anxiety and would love a breakthrough by learning transformational techniques that give you a newfound confidence and courage to face your fears and achieve things that you never thought were possible?

If so, quit waiting and hoping things will change because NOW is the time to take action and find out how to
make this happen for you!

Together, let’s discover the key to your success.

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Airlie Warren

"Thank you so much for yesterday Sue.

The strategy you taught Ruby has been put to use already and is wonderful.

Before yesterday Ruby had a fear of dogs.

When our friend’s gentle giant of a dog came into the house at first, she was frightened.

Once we put your strategy into action to my amazement she was patting and hugging the dog.

Again, today we used it when I dropped ruby off to the school holiday program. No separation anxiety today.

Amazing! 😊"


"My son was so anxious when it was time to go to sleep. No matter how hard I tried or what I said to reassure him, nothing worked to allay his fears. I suffered along with him every night because I couldn’t stand to see the anguish on his little face. Sue Stevenson was recommended by a work colleague so I took my son to meet with Sue. After just one session, I couldn’t believe the difference in my son. Instead of at least an hour every night before going to bed, worrying about absolutely everything, he put strategies in place suggested by Sue and he actually now goes to sleep peacefully. I am so grateful and I highly recommend Sue."

Melissa Tully

"I just wanted to let you know that Lucas has been doing great after your advice. In fact, from the following morning after we spoke it has been a 100% improvement. I put in place all that you suggested and he responded positively right away. I was a bit nervous going back for Term 3 after the break, but he has picked up where he left off and is doing so well. No more separation anxiety.

Thank you so much Sue for your great advice!"

Monique Krongold

"My 10 year old daughter Hailey has experienced anxiety for a couple of years now. She has had periods where she has gone off to school happily, but then the anxious feelings have come again and each day has been a struggle.

I initially met Sue at a parenting workshop at the local community centre. I did this at a time when I was also struggling too. I was wondering what I could do to help Hailey work through her self- doubt and anxious feelings. I decided to invest in one on one sessions with Sue for Hailey and myself.

At the workshops and subsequent one on one sessions Sue always opens by saying that there is no judgement and asked that Hailey and myself were open and honest in our responses to get the most out of the sessions.

I have seen Hailey blossom in many ways. She now has strategies to deal with her anxious moments. One of the messages that Hailey and I have taken is that you have to feel to heal. So rather than avoiding the anxious feeling Sue taught us both to breathe in the anxious feeling and breathe it out. Another light bulb moment was recognising that connecting and bonding with Hailey as her own unique person but not solving problems for her is so important as we move into the tween years.

I have also experienced positive change in myself following my sessions with Sue. I don't sweat the small stuff ( as much ! ) and I am able to communicate in a more calm positive way with both Hailey and Ebony and my husband Dean which means we’re enjoying family life more.

I encourage anyone whatever their age who feels like they are in a rut or is held back by anxiety and would like strategies to learn and grow, to contact Sue."


"We started seeing Sue for my 9yr old son who was having trouble falling asleep every night for over a year, feeling scared and needing someone with him. After one session, he has gone straight to sleep on his own every night since the appointment!


We are so very grateful to Sue for everything she has helped us with!

Highly recommend Sue"

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Sue is a superstar!

If you're looking to reduce stress and anxiety to build confidence and connection with your family, then Sue is absolutely incredible at what she does.

I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of people in similar roles, but Sue's ability to connect and transform the lives and results of her clients is incredible. Sue brings a perfect mix of skill and knowledge, but also presence, attention and care.
Beau Houston
Beau Houston
07:18 15 Nov 20
Sue is AMAZING! She's so knowledgeable, kind and insightful!
She helped me realise and give me the guidance to achieve what I needed to!
THANK YOU, you're a angel 😇 🙏🤗💕
Sophia Otsana
Sophia Otsana
02:42 29 Oct 20
I have had the pleasure of engaging Sue to help me find "the old happy me". It was always there and I had forgotten where he was :-). I met Sue and was instantly drawn to the love and care she showed to me without knowing me from a bar of soap! Her want and passion to help others achieve is her shinning light. It's approximately 18 months now (19/10/2020) since I had my first session, 12 months from my last session and I am still reaping the rewards when I use the mindset and tools she taught me. My relationship with my wife and two children has been so much better than I could ever imagine. I never thought I would be this happy again within myself and my relationships, as I thought I had ruined them all. You have been a saviour to me and not many days go by that I don't think of a different approach that you taught me and have helped me achieve!I thank you again Sue :-)Regards PR
Boris magoo
Boris magoo
18:58 18 Oct 20
This course "Key To Better Me" is absolutely amazing. This course provides superb information in how to raise great kids. It also focuses on parenting and how you were parented from the years 0-7, and how this moulds you as a parent now with aa auto parenting process. For myself it has been an incredible journey not only looking at my parenting style but looking at my own upbringing and able to draw a direct line for the reasons why I acted as I did, from this I have seeking professional assistance to work on my own deamons. Thank you Sue for your insight and assistance through this course. All patients should do this course to break the Traditional Parenting to look at much better forms of parenting.
Deema P Johnston
Deema P Johnston
09:22 17 Sep 20
I highly recommend Sue Stevenson. She is so much more than a counsellor. She is a miracle worker and someone who has so much compassion and care for her clients to make sure they receive everything they need and get the results they're wanting. I have never heard the advice she gives anywhere else before. I have been to so many counsellors for myself and children and nothing helped, it was the same old stuff you hear and try. If you are wanting to help yourself or your children, especially to overcome anxiety, then I would without a doubt, give Sue a go. She will give you life changing tools and will fully support you with learning how to apply them in your every day life while empowering both yourself and your child. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Kirsten Beshara
Kirsten Beshara
08:07 27 Jul 20
Sue is amazing. So insightful and her gentle way of creating mind shifts are the nuggets of gold that you'll take away every time.
Michelle Pragt
Michelle Pragt
20:52 10 Mar 20
Key to Better Me is a friendly and safe place to be and I have now got some amazing tools to use that help me with day to day life. Like driving, working and dealing with my personal life. Thank you for your help, I look forward to the future now.
Jarryd Wilson
Jarryd Wilson
08:19 13 Aug 19
Sue is an intelligent and experienced educator who has a sound grasp on understanding today’s struggles in individuals and families. Her online conferences have enabled me to see the bigger picture and put in place simple strategies for a happier life as a parent and mentor to my kids.
Liam Staines
Liam Staines
06:28 08 Aug 19
Sue has had amazing results helping children with anxiety & stress. I highly recommend her programs. If you have a child suffering anxiety, please act urgently in getting them help. And please contact Sue As what she offers is quite unique and very successful.
Michael Whelehan
Michael Whelehan
10:26 07 Aug 19
Seeing Sue will definitely change your life and self beliefs. Whether it be one session or multiple, you will absolutely get positive things from it. Sue shares her warmth, understanding, empathy, knowledge and strength in every session. She genuinely cares about her clients which is why I think so many people are very grateful to have her in their lives.
Thank you Sue 😘
Samantha Rowe
Samantha Rowe
11:36 01 Aug 19
I had the opportunity to attend one of Sue’s empowering anxious children sessions, as I have a child in prep struggling with separation and extremely anxious during ‘drop off’. He was in extreme distress every morning (it had been nearly 6 months) and we had tried many different tactics before meeting Sue. After meeting Sue and having a discussion with her, we implemented every suggestion from the following morning. He responded positively the following morning allowing me to drop him off with the teacher without tears or any distress. In fact it was a 100% turn around and a very quick shift in behaviour. I would wholeheartedly recommend meeting with Sue if you have a child struggling with anxiety. Our outcome has been a happy one for all!
Melissa Beer
Melissa Beer
00:38 18 Jul 19
After my first visit I felt I'd found someone who wanted to bring the best out of me. Several months later I'm in the best "mental health" I've been in for the last two years!

Thank you Sue for finding the Key to the Better Me!!!!!
Paul Anthony Rowe
Paul Anthony Rowe
04:50 13 May 19
Sue is an absolute gem! With pearls of wisdom waiting for you. See her!
Michelle Pragt
Michelle Pragt
12:53 08 Feb 19
Sue has a lovely calm manner and helped me put things in perspective, which can be difficult to do! Thank you Sue
Karen Maclean
Karen Maclean
05:12 13 Dec 18

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